An interview with ourselves

Hello Andy.  Welcome to our blog. 

::passes laptop to Andy::

Meghan, can we do this another time?  I am tired.  Steve is tired.  Aren’t you tired?  What an introduction to the masses.

I am so tired.  But I’m also very excited about our new blog.  Andy, what are your hopes and dreams for our blog?

My hope is that people read our comedic take on life and find that they too have the same views/experiences and we can laugh together.  And I hope it doesn’t keep me from getting to sleep tonight.  Meghan, what are your hopes and dreams for our blog?

I am hoping we can have fun with it.  I am also hoping that it will be a way to share our stories, thoughts and pictures with our family and friends who are scattered all over the country.  I’m excited.  And you win.  It’s bedtime.

Post #1 accomplished.



9 responses to “An interview with ourselves

  1. Andy, you’ve had a job for 2 weeks and you are already tired? Nice blog though. Please post whenever Steve poops in your bed or in Andy’s shoes.

  2. Yay! You are officially in my blogroll. I will anxiously await further posts.

  3. Added to my blogroll as well. Very nice first post.

  4. I need to add you to my blogroll as well. Yay!

  5. Hilarious! Love it darling!

  6. You guys are cute.

  7. I would like to see a post from Steve please.
    Thank you

  8. Hey-
    Great blog. Really would love if Steve could have his own.He’s really the man and the main “hot dog”. Best wishes to you both anyway.Lotsa love,

    Auntie M.

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