The beauty of fall, not falling.

These past two weekends have been so beautiful.  I would go so far as to call last weekend the nicest weekend of the year.  Sun shining, slight chill in the air, leaves at their peak color and that indescribable fall smell in the air.  My own personal heaven.  It was a weekend very similar to our wedding weekend in Marquette, MI a little over a year ago.

Last weekend I ignored my school and research responsibilities and allowed myself to drink in the fall beauty.  On Sunday Andy and I got up early and rode our bikes down to Frame Park.  As we circled the park and rode along the river, I couldn’t help but think about how misunderstood Waukesha is.  But that’s a whole separate blog entry.  Downtown Waukesha, Frame Park and the area around the river are all very charming.  On this particular morning with the sun reflecting off of the river and bursts of color everywhere, everything was particularly pretty.  After a nice ride, we stopped at our favorite downtown coffee shop, The Steaming Cup.  It was nice enough to sit ouside and people watch while we enjoyed our coffee.  Come to think of it, with Andy in his bike shorts and me with my helmet hair, we were probably the ones being watched more than anything.

Steve also got to enjoy the nice weather, since we spent a lot of time at the new dog exercise area at Minooka Park last weekend.  We have been going to Minooka since Steve was a little puppy, but this new area just recently opened, and it’s been a hot spot lately.  It’s a 15-acre site, separated into two different areas.  There is a small breed area, which  is over 3 acres, and a large breed area consisting of over 11 acres.  The grounds will be a combination of mowed grass, tall grass and woods, surrounded by a 4-foot high fence.  It’s awesome.

Steve loves the park because he can run around like a madman and see all of his friends.  We like it because we can walk and get our exercise, and socialize with other dog owners at the same time. 

Andy and I basically spent as much time as we could outside, enjoying the fall beauty that seems to fade too quickly every year.  As I was outside talking to my neighbor Joel Sunday night while Steve played with Joel’s golden retriever Lucy, I experienced an entirely different kind of fall.  We like to joke that Lucy does not have brakes.  She and Steve were chasing each other around the yard when suddenly the chase headed straight toward me.  Lucy ran directly into my right knee, taking me out like a linebacker.  Luckily for me, Lucy’s mom Nicole is a physician assistant.  She took a look at my knee and determined it was likely just a sprain.  The following week sucked (I’ll spare you the details), and I have a whole new appreciation for the simple ability to walk.  But I am already almost back to normal.

Well, anyway, I leave you with some pictures I took last weekend.  Take some time to enjoy the color before all of the leaves fall. . .they will be gone before you know it!


Steve at Minooka Park Steve at Minooka Park

The dogs romping in the large breed area

Steve and his friend Molly playing at Minooka

Steve and Lucy snuggle on the couch at Lucy’s house


4 responses to “The beauty of fall, not falling.

  1. IrishSquirrelPersonwithnoblog

    Misunderstood indeed – I am looking forward to your blog dedication to the Sha.

  2. Love the photos of the dogs! I used to run at Minooka in high school (cross-country practice), and it’s such a beautiful place. I love that the dogs can now run free there, too.

  3. That looks like a sweet dog park! I need a dog. Oh, and maybe to live closer to the Sha.

  4. I LOVE Minooka Park! Sigh.

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