Big Steve’s first birthday

There are different levels of crazy among overzealous pet owners.  Level one is reserved for people with air-conditioned dog houses or designated rooms in their houses for their pets, and those with pet strollers and Louis Vuitton pet carriers ala Jessica Simpson.  Andy and I aren’t to that extreme, but I’m sure our family and friends fear that we are quickly headed in that direction.  Level two could include, but is not limited to: collars and bandanas for every holiday, dressing him/her up in holiday costumes, having professional pictures taken and throwing birthday parties for him/her.  Gulity, guilty, guilty, and GUILTY.

It seems like just yesterday that we were picking him up from Mueller’s Woodville Kennels.  This is what baby Stevie looked like when we first met him.  You can tell that Andy is already smitten.

And now he is a full year old, full of energy and unconditional love for everyone he meets.  So we felt our special pooch deserved a special celebration.  The festivities took place this past Sunday at Steve’s favorite spot, Minooka Park.  He seemed to know something was up that morning.  My daily “puppy pounce” (which involves getting woken up in the morning by Steve jumping on my chest and licking my face until I get up) came earlier than usual.  He was ridiculously wound up and excited.

We got the party started with a romp in the dog exercise area.  Steve was joined by his friends Lucy, Molly, Maggie, Snickers, and Jasmine.  After the dogs played for awhile we moved the shindig to a shelter where the humans enjoyed beer and snacks.  The dogs were treated to peanut butter flavored doggy cake. Oh yes.  We had a specially-made doggy cake from Petlicious, a pet bakery in Pewaukee.  It must have been good because a fight almost broke out over it. Bad dogs.

We also had a “birthday dog” bandana for Steve and paper party hats for any dog that would tolerate one long enough for a picture to be taken.  Steve even got birthday gifts.  I think we have enough treats to last us into next year.  His best gift was from Mom and Dad–a new friend named Mr. Poops.  What can I say?  Mr. Poops struck my juvenile funny bone.  Just click the link if you’re curious.  I’ll leave it at that.

Overall the party was a great success.  The dogs had a blast and the humans got to laugh.  What more can you ask for? 

I leave you with a slide show of the festivities (click on “View all Images”).  It includes pictures from the party and his actual birthday, which was Monday.



4 responses to “Big Steve’s first birthday

  1. I too am a level 2 pet owner, only because I can’t afford the level 1 stuff. I have three Chihuahuas and on Jonesy’s first birthday I gave him a big bash. My sister thought I was crazy, so to explain my nuttiness I told her that it was just an excuse for me to get the family together. It worked. By the way she made him the cutes blue blanket made out of fleece to keep him warm.

  2. You guys are too cute. Happy Birthday, Steve. You’re one lucky dog.

  3. Aww Steve! Happy B-Day Steve. Meghan I’m just going to mail you your stuff you ordered at my party, I suck and haven’t been out to the ‘sha recently.

  4. Too cute! Happy late birthday Steve!

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