Out of retirement. . .and back in again.

Basketball once consumed me.  It was the only thing that could hold my attention from 1986 to 1997.  Nothing could get in the way of me getting my shots up each and every day.  Nothing.  Unfortunately, it no longer treats me with the same respect  I once treated it.

My neighbor Joel lured me out of retirement recently. Just to help his team out since some of his teammates couldn’t make upcoming games.  I didn’t realize that meant we would play two games on a Sunday with 5 guys and two consecutive Wednesday games with just 5 guys.  I now have aching feet, ankles, knees and a right groin issue. . .All of that after telling Joel, “yeah I was good!”

I have college teammates that still play a lot of basketball.  But after my display the last 10 days, I think I will hang ’em up once more. 

I’ll keep my activities to mountain biking and hiking.  Suits me just fine. 



One response to “Out of retirement. . .and back in again.

  1. Dandy – Your Still Good In My Book!

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