The incredible indestructible egg!

For some reason, the fact that my dishwasher seems to be incapable of removing egg from pans and utensils drives me insane.  I opened the dishwasher the other day to find yet another load of sparkling clean dishes with the exception of one pan and one spatula.  WTF?  What is it about egg that makes it cling to dishes in even the harshest conditions?  How is it possible that hot, shooting water and detergent can’t get that crap off of there?

The solution of course would be to hand wash the dishes that we use to cook the eggs.  But that would defeat the purpose of having a dishwasher, so I refuse.

My dish anger from the other night suddenly turned to excitement when I came up with a brilliant idea.  They should market eggs in an entirely new way.  “Seal your deck with egg whites!  It’s organic and earth-friendly!  And it will stand up to any type of weather–if a dishwasher can’t break it up, nothing can!”

I am going to be SO rich.



5 responses to “The incredible indestructible egg!

  1. My dishwasher hates cheese. I don’t get it– who doesn’t love cheese? My dishwasher. How the scalding hot water doesn’t melt it away, I will never know.

    Oh, and I too refuse to hand-wash. Ridiculous!

  2. I leave dishes in the dishwasher until the stuff comes off. One wash or 10. Doesn’t make a difference. There’s no way I’m washing by hand.

  3. Maybe the truth, ithinkimdying, is that your dishwasher loves cheese too much to let it go. Ever think of that?

  4. We just bought spatula/pancake turner/flipper number nine yesterday, in hopes this new one will not be a scrambled egg magnet. I’ve given up on even putting them in the dishwasher.

  5. This has always baffled me. Now, I just wish I had a dishwasher…especially one that wasn’t named Danielle.

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