Fashion me a strap for my ice bag, please.

It’s a little unusual to be knocked over by a medium-sized dog.  But to have it happen twice is pretty amazing.  This most recent incident was worth the price of admission.

Steve has a girlfriend.  Her name is Lucy.  Every time we let Steve out, he will run over to the side of the yard that faces her house and look for signs that she is outside or near a window.  For shits and giggles, sometimes we will egg him on by saying, “Steve, where’s Lucy?”  He will instantly dart across the street and run up to her porch and look in the windows on either side of her front door to look for her.  If he doesn’t see her, he checks the garage.  This routine never fails.  Then he looks back at us for direction.  For further amusement, we will continue to encourage him, saying, “Where’s Lucy, Steve?  Where is she?”

On several occasions, Joel and Nicole have been watching TV when they suddenly get the feeling they are being watched, only to look over and see Steve’s face in the window.  Since they adore him, they always open the door and let him play with Lucy for awhile.  Tonight Steve did not want to leave their house.  So to get him to come home, I called to him and ran back toward my house, coaxing him to chase me.  Which he did.  As I reached my driveway, I stopped and turned around to see Steve barrelling toward me, sheer excitement on his face.  He ran right into me and I fell, hitting my head on the driveway–HARD.  It bounced off of the pavement like a super ball.  Ouch.

My response to the situation was to lay there and scream for Andy, who had already gone inside.  Convinced I’d cracked my skull open, I was afraid to move.  He came out, peeled me off of the pavement walked me inside.  After I got over the shock, we decided I would be okay.  Just a big old lump on the back of my head that needed some ice.

I have this sweet old-fashioned ice pack with little martinis all over it that makes having boo-boos a little less unpleasant.  The problem is, the lump is on the back of my head and the ice pack will not stay on by itself.  I have homework to do.  So I ask my husband, who claims to love me, to fashion me a strap that I can tie under my chin to keep the ice pack on my head while I study.  He refuses, and instead suggests that I put a pair of his underpants on my head to secure the ice pack. 




6 responses to “Fashion me a strap for my ice bag, please.

  1. I would like to see pictures of this ice pack/underpants contraption.

  2. I refused to go with his idea, so I’m afraid that I have no pictures to share.

  3. The mental picture of this was fabulous. Thank you 🙂

  4. Underpants! Classic! Although I know of a rather famous hat that you could have used to secure the ice pack…but I am betting Andy wasn’t sharing that either…

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