From girly to granola. . .kind of.

I used to be such a girly girl.  Ask my husband and he would tell you that I still am.  According to him, I take far too long to get ready in the morning, and he’ll never understand my obscene salon bills.  But since meeting Andy I have slowly become just a little more outdoorsy, a little more earthy, a little more natural.

I’ll never forget our first camping trip together.  I was so excited, and he was so surprised that I was excited.  It wasn’t exactly roughing it.  It was a short trip, just overnight.  But it was a blast.

Andy bought me my first pair of Keens, my first pair of snowshoes, and my first Denali jacket.  With him I hike.  I showshoe.  I camp–for short stints anyway.  I bought a mountain bike this summer and I am rediscovering the beauty of a morning bike ride.  I worry less about my hair and my make-up and spend more time enjoying the scenery.

Andy has always accepted me for who I am, but at the same time he has always invited me to enjoy his hobbies with him. I have enjoyed trying new things and I have bonded with my husband in the process.  Each of us has a deep reverence for nature, so finding new ways to enjoy it together has been a very cool part of our relationship. 

My brother calls us yippies.  Whatever we are, I can tell you that taking the time to enjoy the simpler things in life has made us happier, more peaceful people.

For New Year’s Eve we took a trip up to Marquette, MI to meet up with my family, meet our new niece and take in some beautiful winter scenery.  We showshoed and hiked some gorgeous trails and took plenty of pictures.  Below are some of my favorites.


Showshoeing at Tourist Park, 12/29/07 (I need snow pants!)

Sugarloaf Mountain, 12/30/07

Wetmore Landing, 12/31/07


And last, but certainly not least, our beautiful niece Morgen.


One response to “From girly to granola. . .kind of.

  1. Your little niece is too cute!

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