Donut the service dog

Andy and I had the opportunity to meet a cool family this weekend.  It all started when Andy posted our travel dog crate for sale on Craig’s list.  He got an inquiry from a guy who asked him if he would take half the asking price for it, since he was buying it for his son’s recently-adopted service dog and he was on a budget.  Without hesitation, Andy responded and told the guy it was theirs–free of charge.  One of the many reasons I love him.

So on Saturday we met up with Chris and his son Colin at the Kenosha outlet mall since they live near Gurnee.  They brougt the service dog, named Donut, along for the ride.  What a beautiful dog!  Chris told us about how they had to raise $12,000 to get Donut, and how they had a wonderfully overwhelming response to their efforts.  Donut is  a three year-old golden retreiver and fully-trained as a service dog.  Part of this cost included training for the family for handling Donut.  They needed the travel crate for Colin’s school, since Donut will be crated for about an hour a day there.

It was such a pleasure to meet Chris, Colin and Donut.  They let us take some pictures, which I have posted below.  We have a major soft spot for dogs, and it felt good to give the crate to someone who really needed it.


Donut the service dog

Donut and Colin


4 responses to “Donut the service dog

  1. Donut is so cute. I love goldens.

    And it’s very awesome that you gave them the crate for free!

  2. Great Post! Thanks for inspiring me. I really enjoy the content of your blog.

  3. Thanks, Tom! Always glad to have a dog lover stop by.

  4. Thanks again Andy, Meghan and Steve!

    The crate is exactly what we needed and Donut and Family appreciate your very kind offer…so sorry about the Packers thou…..not…this coming from a Bears family…lol

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