MP + GD 4-Eva

Not since my pre-teen obsession with NKOTB has anyone made me scream and jump up and down with giddiness like Garett Dutton can.  I would wallpaper my bedroom with posters of him and doodle “MP + GD 4-eva” on everything in sight if my husband would tolerate it.  Garrett is better known as G Love, front man one of Andy and I’s favorite bands, G Love & Special Sauce.  And Andy knows that if presented with the opportunity, I would be tempted to break my marital vow of monogomy for the chance to make out with G Love.  It’s cool though–he’s on my “list.”

We never miss a show when they come to town.  We most recently caught them on January 17 at The Rave.  I was within panty tossing distance of the delicious Mr. Dutton at this show and oh lordy. . .there is just something about the way he swings his legs to the beat while he simultaneously plays the harmonica and the guitar that makes me squeal with excitement.  He always plays a good mix of classics and new stuff, but we were pretty pumped that he pulled out some rare songs on us too.  Lots of Philadelphonic, plus Baby’s Got Sauce, Shootin’ Hoops and even Milk and Cereal.  We brought our friend John along to introduce him to G Love’s music.  It was a great time.  G Love & Special Sauce bring energy to every single show, and in the many times I have seen them, I have never been disappointed.

If you aren’t familiar with G Love & Special Sauce, I ecnourage you to check them out.  They have a new album coming out soon, and I am geeked.  In the meantime, click here to watch the video for one of my favorite songs, Beautiful.



2 responses to “MP + GD 4-Eva

  1. I love them! I’m a little jealous of the concert!

  2. Nygumbo thanks you for the comment. If you ever get a chance to see G acoustic, jump on it. The show, not him.

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