Black, green. . .whatever.



8 responses to “Black, green. . .whatever.

  1. This seriously made me laugh harder than the average person would have. I don’t know why.

    Did you eat them? I think I would’ve been too creeped out.

  2. Nice! I would have been so confused. Hope it didn’t ruin your meal!

  3. Did you bring it back for a refund? I would have died laughing when I opened that.

  4. Wow, glad to see that Roundy’s is diligent about properly labeling their canned goods. Too funny though!

  5. That is hilarious. I hope your dinner turned out.

  6. L! That is hi-larry!

  7. When I got home from work, Andy said to me, “Take a look in there and tell me what’s wrong with that.” I expected much worse. All I wanted were some black beans on my delicious chicken chopped salad. We saved the green beans. Andy said he will eat them.

  8. I don’t think Mr. Roundy from the Roundy’s commercials would approve of that one.

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