Actual conversations from our recent past

As submitted by Meghan & Andy.


Meghan (to 5 year-old niece): I heard you have a boyfriend.

Niece: Yeah.  His name is Josh.

Meghan: Is he cute?

Niece: Yeah.  I kiss him because he kisses me.

Meghan: He kisses you?

Niece: Yeah, on the lips.

Meghan: *chokes on beer*


Andy: Meghan, it’s your commercial.

Meghan: Sven!  I wish I had a Sven.  My very own, tall, goofy guy in a sweater.


Meghan: Oh, wait. . .


Andy: This [almond pound cake] is good.

Meghan: Hell yeah it is.  Toot, toot!  That’s my horn.


Andy: You know who would be fun down here [in Flordia]?

Meghan: Huh?

Andy: Do you know who would be fun down here?

Meghan: Who?

Andy: Tom.

Meghan: Bob?

Andy: Tom!

Meghan: Oh.  *Pauses to look at all of the old people on the beach* 

Oh God.  I think I just got a glimpse at our future.

Andy: Exactly.



2 responses to “Actual conversations from our recent past

  1. I love you guys. Really I do. Those could easily be conversations in my house.

  2. These are the best conversations and exactly why sometimes I wish life was recorded.

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