It’s baseball season!

Man, I love baseball.  I have great childhood memories related to baseball.  Playing catch with my dad and family outings to Toldeo Mud Hens games are some of my favorites.  I remember that my brother and I would bring our gloves in hopes of catching a foul ball.  It’s hard to beat the relaxing outdoor vibe that you get from going to a baseball game.

Last Friday was the long-awaited opening day at Miller Park.  Andy and I  bought a package that included tailgating and tickets through Leff’s Lucky Town.  It was worth every penny.  Leff’s put on a great tailgate party complete with a band, good food and lots and lots of delicious beer.  Imagine a bar where they continuously pour beer so you can just walk up and take one whenever you needed it.  It was glorious.  Even the weather was perfect that day.

And it was a great game.  The Brewers beat the crap out of the Giants and the Polish sausage (my pick) won the race.  But honestly, I probably watched people more than I watched the game.  Drunk people are funny.

I look forward to many more Brewers games this summer.  And beers.  Hooray for summer!



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