I heart Flight of the Conchords

If you haven’t watched an episode of Flight of the Conchords, you are missing out.  I will admit — the first time Andy and I watched an episode, we didn’t really get it.  But we gave it a second chance and now we are hooked.  It’s slow, dry and silly.   And hilarious.

Now I’m super dooper excited because Bret and Jemaine are coming to town and I have tickets!  Andy has his business socks ready for the show.  I finally have a place to wear my I heart FOTC sweatshirt where people will actually get it.  When I wear it out in public, this is a commom experience:

Stranger: I love F. . .OTC?  What is FOTC?

Me: Flight of thr Conchords

Stranger: . . .

Me: It’s a TV show. . . band.  It’s a TV show about a band.  But they also tour. 

Stanger: Oh.

I leave you with a video of their most popular song, Business Time.  I think it will make you a fan.



2 responses to “I heart Flight of the Conchords

  1. A zillion congrats on getting tickets!! You were very lucky. All the shows sold out within a couple of minutes (I got tickets, too).

    And yeah, no one except the fans understand FotC love. 😀

  2. These guys have ok prices for the upcoming tour of Flight of the Conchords.



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