It’s hard to blog when you don’t have time to sit down.

It has been a wonderfully crazy past few weeks.  Here’s a recap:

1. Andy had his first race of the Wisconsin Off Road Series on May 4.  We headed up north for this one and stayed with some friends at their cabin.  It was great to see them since it seems like we are never able to get together.  Their one and a half year-old son is adorable and he was fascinated with Steve.  He would squeal with glee anytime Steve came close enough for him to grab a fistful of fur.  Steve liked him too — little T was the recipient of many kisses.  Steve barked like a maniac until I wanted to strangle him helped me cheer Andy on.  All in all, a great weekend.

2. Last Saturday we hosted Andy’s family for a successful Mother’s Day brunch.  I cooked it up!  I made two egg bakes: a bacon, onion and cheddar cheese combo and a feta and spinach combo.  And no one had any idea I used low-fat cheese and egg beaters.  Muah-ha-ha-ha!  We also had cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit.  It’s really the effort I put into the cinnamon rolls that is worthy of a self toot of the horn.  The Pillsbury packaging is exceedingly difficult to open.  We had four generations of women from Andy’s family there for the festivities.  Pretty cool.

3. Then Sunday we headed north again to see some of my family.  Several relatives were in town to see my Dad accept a well-deserved honor.  Congratulations, Dad!  You are my inspiration.

5. This past Sunday night was the long-awaited Flight of the Choncords concert.  It.was.awesome.  Despite having to sit next to Cackles McGee and Funny Von Notsomuch, we had a great time.   They played some great songs we had never heard before, like Jenny.  The icing on the cake: we got to meet “Dave” (Arj Barker) who opened for FOTC. 

6. And last but not least. . .after months of dealing with massive amounts of sawdust and drywall dust getting tracked all over the house, the day has finally come.  Our basement is finished!  We are so happy with how it turned out.  I am going to have my own craft area and I am beyond geeked.  It’s a craft nerd’s dream.  Lots of decorating to do yet, but it’s looking good. . .



3 responses to “It’s hard to blog when you don’t have time to sit down.

  1. Your basement looks better than my entire apartment! Love it!

  2. benevolentsnark

    Ring pic is very cool, props to your pops, and nice work on the basement – all AW worthy, congrats!

  3. Love the blog. I have been wanting to see FOTC for a while now. I love the TV show! I cant wait until next season. I will also have to check out JBT. I have heard some stuff.

    Heather and I are going to Lolla this year. We scored $60 cheap tickets and Heather is hooking up a cheap hotel downtown……, cheap.

    Glad to see all is well!

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