Conversations from our recent past

John: Did you hear that Flight of the Conchords is coming to Milwaukee?

Meghan: Hellz yeah.  I already got tickets.  I was so excited I blogged about it.

John: I’m so excited I just blogged in my pants.


Meghan: I LOVED your newborn pics.

Becky: I know!  Carrie did such a good job.  She’s awesome.

Meghan: Andy, knock me up before her prices skyrocket. 

Becky: Yeah, Andy.  Drop the load, yo!

John: Becky, I’m pretty sure that is the weirdest thing you have ever said in front of our friends.


Erik: I had a moped when I was younger.

Andy: I’ve never ridden a moped.  I think I’m way too tall.

Erik: You’d look like a circus bear.




5 responses to “Conversations from our recent past

  1. I laughed at the last story, especially with the photo! And excellent use of hyperlinks in the second story, too 🙂

  2. BUT your hyperlink didn’t work!!!!

  3. benevolentsnark

    You got me lolzing again!

  4. I love the bear on the bike!

    P.S. I tagged you in my latest blooooggggg post.

  5. “You’d look like a circus bear.” has me in tears!

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