An instant messenger conversation at work

You know you have conversations JUST LIKE THIS at work. . .

Meghan: OMG

Peter: WHAT?

Meghan: New guy has weird nasal issues and (name withheld)’s unnecessarily long phone conversations make me crazy!


Peter: What, is he a loogie swallower?

Meghan: Wierd, short sniffles.

Peter: Like he has a flaky booger on the outer rim of his left nostril and he uses short, staccato sniffle bursts in an effort to dislodge and suck it back into booger circulation?

Meghan: YES!

Peter: I’m sorry, but that was some of my best writing EVER!

Peter: I’m still fuckin laughing over here

Peter: “booger circulation”

Meghan: That was good.

Peter: I know it’s not cool to laugh at your own jokes, but damn girl, I am ON today!!!!



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