I heart my TomTom.

Yes, I am behind the times on this one.  This past weekend Andy and I broke down and bought a navigation device.  We chose the TomTom brand because. . .well. . .it was on sale.  We both do a lot of driving and we were both sick of printing off internet directions every time we were going somewhere new.  There were also several occasions where it would have come in handy for finding a place when we were already out and about. 

It talks to me.  It recalculates my route when I screw up.  It’s small and slick.  I feel like a kid with a new toy.  I wish I was travelling today just so I could use it.

My experience with navigation devices is pretty limited so I have a lot to learn.  I also have plenty of programming to do to make sure I am using it to its full capabilities.  But so far I am pretty impressed.  And smitten.



2 responses to “I heart my TomTom.

  1. My MIL has started bugging me about what I want for Christmas this year and as usual, I have no answer for her. Maybe I’ll tell her I want a TomTom. Thanks P 🙂

  2. I lurve my GPS. Very helpful when L thinks he knows where he’s going. Stella (yes, we named her) always calmly makes a suggestion – much better than me shrieking at him.

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