Your magnetic photo frame questions answered

Hello!  Here are answers to some questions I have gotten about the magnetic photo frames.  If there are more questions ask away!

1.  What type of marbles do you use?
For the magnets, use the decorative marbles  or “gems” that craft stores sell in the floral section.  One side is flat so they are ideal for making magnets.  You can get them at Jo-Ann and Michaels.  Tip: make sure you use clear marbles — not the kind with the pearly sheen since it will make it hard to see the image below the marble.

2. What kind of magnets/what strength magnets are you using?
I finally found magnets that were strong enough at my local ACE hardware store.  FYI: I was not able to find them at Home Deopt.  They are small, round magnets.  I threw away the packaging so I do not have a brand name for you. 

3. Do you cover the whole piece of metal and how do you adhere the paper?  Did you use a roll paper or just single sheets of scrapbook paper?
Step one with the frames is to wrap them in solid color text weight paper — whatever color matches the patterned paper you use.  An 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper will not cover the frame completely but that’s fine — the objective is to cover the sharp edges.  Then I cut the patterned paper to size (usually from a 12 x 12 sheet of scrapbook paper) to cover the front and back.  Sometimes I use a solid color on the back.  Either way, I recommend text weight patterned paper — cardstock tends to be too heavy for the magnets.  I have tried different adhesives with the paper, but for the first layer but what seems to work the best is the glue I use for the marbles – E6000 craft glue.  To adhere the front and back panels I use double-sided tape since I am adhering paper to paper.  The double-sided tape keeps the surface smooth and free of the puckering that glue can sometimes cause.

Tip: If you are making a hanging frame, don’t forget to poke holes through the paper as you adhere the layers so you can keep track of where they are.  Putting the eyelets in later will be tricky otherwise!



2 responses to “Your magnetic photo frame questions answered

  1. Thanks for all the info! I am going to make this (or attempt to anyway) for my children’s daycare teachers. I hope they turn out as cute as yours! 🙂 I had purchased some “ultra strong” funky looking marble-like magnets at Staples at the beg. of the school year. They seem to be sticking JUST fine. We’ll see if they hold up once I adhere the paper onto the sheet of metal.

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