Spring has, in fact, sprung. . .

. . .from a neglected pot of dirt.  A few weeks ago, my very thoughtful dad sent us an Easter present — a pot with bulbs in it that if cared for properly, should bloom by Easter.  I thought it was the coolest thing ever.  So I watered it per the directions and put it in my favorite sunny spot where my other plants live.  It’s a really deep window sill off of our kitchen that is mostly hidden from the kitchen by curtains. 

So it’s somewhat understandable that a few weeks would go by before I realize as I am driving to work that I had COMPLETELY forgotten about my poor little plant.  As I drove to work I felt horrible.  This wonderful gift my dad had sent was probably dead and shriveled — if anything had managed to sprout at all.

I was almost afraid to look at it when I got home.  I was full of guilt as I pulled the curtain back. . .then I audibly gasped at what I saw.  There was the neglected pot, with beautiful flowers sprouting out of it!  The moss that had covered the bulbs was stuck to the tips of the flowers and leaves like a crown.  I could not believe my eyes.  This thing was watered only once and it was fully grown and beautful.

I removed the moss, cleaned it up and gave it some water.  It’s probably in rougher shape than it would be if I had cared for it properly, but it’s really pretty.  I have been admiring it all night. 

I have decided that this plant’s triumph despite difficult conditions is a sign — a sign of new and better things to come.  That is what Easter is all about, after all.




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