Simple and inexpensive throw pillows

I love how a few really great throw pillows can transform a piece of furniture and really make a room.  A store that always does a great job of using throw pillows to make a piece of furniture look amazing or tie together a room is my beloved Pottery Barn.  Although I have bought my fair share of pillow covers there, it’s typically only when they are having a sale.  And even then they can be pretty pricey.

If you are looking for throw pillows in bold, interesting prints, take a stroll through your favorite home store.  Go past the bedding and head straight to dining.  There you will find linen napkins in a wide array of colors and prints which are perfectly sized for an 18″ x 18″ pillow cover.  I happened to be shopping at Pier One recently when I fell in love with some aviary print napkins that happened to be perfect for my basement.  $5 later I was walking out with the start to a pretty new pillow.

I bought a run-of-the-mill 18″ x 18″ pillow insert from Jo-Ann Fabrics (with my 40% off coupon, of course).  I don’t sew (believe it or not) so the next step was to sweetly ask my mother-in-law if she wouldn’t mind helping me out.   She’s an expert at sewing, but even novices tell me that making a pillow is a piece of cake. 

Instead of dabbing mouths at the dinner table, the napkins that I fell in love with are now poised and ready to collect drool on the couch.  The best part — the whole project cost less than $20.




2 responses to “Simple and inexpensive throw pillows

  1. That is super cute!

  2. Your project turned out to be simply elegant.
    Thank you for the tips!!

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