About Us


I’m short, he’s tall.  He gets up when the alarm goes off, I hit snooze 10 times.  I like tofu, he likes brats.  He’s athletic, I’m. . .not so much.  For all of our differences, we’re actually a lot alike in our outlook on life and how we choose to enjoy it.  Which is probably why we fell in love and got married.  We love music, especially live shows.  We love the outdoors, especially in the fall.  We are ridiculous about our dog Steve, who is the center of our lives.  Pick-him-up-like-a-baby-and-dress-him-up-for-Halloween ridiculous.  We make each other laugh.  A lot.  And last but not least, we both love to write.  So we hope you like to read.


6 responses to “About Us

  1. This is so great!!! I love it.

  2. Gorgeous picture of the two of you!

  3. re: your comments on charity today. was wondering what your thoughts were with respect to publicicy circulating my (our) philanthropic contributions to a close circle of friends? we do this to hopefully inspire others as people think it’s perfectly acceptable to make oodles of money and then give $18 to united way each year. they really don’t know what the expected or appropriate “level” is.

  4. My favorite word is “repugnant.” People don’t use the word repugnant enough!

    It should ALWAYS, without fail, be used in the following sentence describing something grotesque or horrific:

    “Man, that’s some repugnant shit!” OR
    “Man, that shit’s repugnant!

    Notice the use of the word “some” in the first version. A word describing a specific amount would devalue this part of the sentence. Also, the word “shit” must be used as it acts like an exclamation point (even though you would still ue one anyone when writing this wonderful line).

    Just a random thought for you…

  5. Hey guys. Wanted to stop lurking (finally) and let you know that I stumbled across your blog months ago and have been reading ever since because you remind me of my husband and I. He and I are very different in many ways but have a wonderful marriage, and we love our cats like children. We also love live music, the outdoors, and decorating our house. So anyway, just wanted to say hi from a blog-fan. Feel free to check out our blog as well. Happy blogging!

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