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ZOMG, cupcakes.

I’m a little obsessed with cupcakes.  I think they’re just about the cutest things to ever grace bakery shelves, and these days they can be found just about everywhere from wrapping paper to jewelry.  Yes, even Tiffany’s is in the spirit. 

So when it comes to throwing parties, I like cupcakes to take center stage.  I recently had a blast hosting a baby shower for my good friend Katie.  Katie decorated her nursery in yellow and lavendar gingham with butterflies.  Using that as my inspiration, I made lavendar gingham invitations, yellow and lavendar butterfly garland, and various other paper goodies.  The piece de resistance?  Giant cupcakes with yellow frosting and lavendar butterflies made from edible paper.  Seriously.  The butterflies were edible.  I was in love with these cupcakes.



Then fast forward to today, when I just finished what might just be my cutest project ever.  My adorable niece Morgen turns two this December, and what better theme for a 2 year-old’s birthday party than cupcakes?  We’ll be celebrating on Thanksgiving since the whole family will be together — a rare and special occasion.  Not only did I wrap her birthday gifts in my favorite cupcake paper, I made tags to match, complete with glitter.  Then I decided to try my hand at a party hat.  I’ve seen many DIY hats on paper crafting websites so I decided to make one decorated with what else — a cupcake.  And ZOMG is it cute.  Although Andy begged me not to, I made Steve model it for me.  It’s like he knew it was pink — he ran the other way when he saw it in my hand and you can just tell from the expression on his face that he’s pissed at me. 

Well, anyway, I’ll have to post pictures of Morgen wearing it at her party.  I’m hoping she’ll like it more than Steve does.  Until then — have a cupcake!  They’re not just cute, they’re delicious too!



Steve’s Spot

What you are seeing here is a dog, comfortably snuggled under the covers on MY side of the bed, refusing to move.

And why should he? It’s Steve’s world — I just live in it.


Steve blankets

Go Steve go!

When Andy and I were talking about getting a dog, our #1 concern was my allergies.  We needed to look at breeds that were allergy-friendly.  Andy was determined that we wouldn’t get a small dog either.  As fate would have it, Andy met a sweet and adorable goldendoodle named Dewey while paying our water softener bill one day and the rest is history.

Since goldendoodles are a “designer breed” it never even occurred to us to check shelters or rescue sites.  We got Steve from a reputable breeder, but if we ever get another dog,  we will definitely look at adoption first.

Which brings me to one of our “pet” charities — the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha.  HAWS gets the largest percentage of our annual charitable giving.  Let’s be honest — Steve lives the good life.  He’s spoiled rotten, and in return, we get unconditional love and joy.  But many pets aren’t so lucky — many are neglected, abused and abandoned.  Those animals are the reason we support HAWS.

We participate in their annual walk at Minooka Park in Waukesha which took place on Saturday, May 2 this year.  We set a fund raising goal of $250 and put the call for support out to friends and family.  I also posted a sign at work with a picture of  Steve on it.  Steve’s sweet little face helped us hit and surpass our goal quickly — on the day of the race we had raised $260!

Our friends and their pooches joined us, and Steve had the time of his life walking at his favorite park.  A big thank you to everyone who sponsored us — the animals at HAWS will appreciate it!


Walk 1









Us! (with Steve)

Walk 2









The Neuenfeldts (with Molly)

Walk 3









The Reikowskis (with Lucy)

Steve’s Spot


“You know, you really should shred confidential paperwork.  But don’t worry, I took care of it for you.  No need to thank me. . .what?  Retirement. . .what?  Retirement. . .rollover paperwork?  What’s. . .?  You. . .needed that?  Oh. . . ahem. . .APRIL FOOL’S!”

– Steve 4/1/09

Steve’s Spot

Steve helped me host a cocktail party this weekend.  By “help” I mean that he streaked through the house like a madman, stopping to accept love and admiration from each guest along the way.  He was a big hit with the ladies because he always dresses to impress and this night was no exception.



Steve’s Spot

Hope your Halloween is a DEVIL of a good time!


Steve’s spot

They might as well. . .